Operation ELF has a variety of teams that support the various aspects of our holiday giving. We need volunteers with a wide range of skills, but mostly with a willingness to reach out to others in generosity, to share your time and your holiday cheer, and to have a lot of FUN! Click the Signup button at the bottom of the page to volunteer. Some of the things we need help with include:

    • Sponsor a child by purchasing a gift for them

    Our greatest need is to have more sponsors for our children. How ELF works is that we receive the (first) names and wishes of children through their sponsoring agency. That list is farmed out to people who are willing to purchase those specific gifts for the children ($35 to $50 each). But how we find those sponsors is the real magic of ELF. It is through the generosity of our volunteers – like you – who sponsor children, ask their neighbors, their friends, their co-workers and families to sponsor and shop for a child’s wish (or several children). Maybe you can organize a bunch of others to also sponsor children. Or a class at your child’s school would want to sponsor 10 children? Or your office would sponsor 20 children? To sign up to sponsor a child (or children!), please complete the Sponsor form.

    • “As needed” volunteers on the day of the event

    There are always ways to pitch in at the main Operation ELF event (December 9, 2018). Just show up and let us know you’re there to help. You’ll volunteer in any areas that need assistance that day (kitchen, packing gifts, kid’s activities, etc.)

    • Transportation Team

    Some people say this is the best volunteer opportunity that Operation ELF has to offer!  On December 10th, the day after the “Packing Party“, you drive trucks around deliver the gifts to the charities we support. What a great way to feel the magic in what we do at Operation ELF!

    • Marketing team member

    Are you interested in social media? Have talent writing press releases? Enjoy spreading the word? The marketing team can use your help to let people know about Operation ELF. You’ll be helping us get information into the news by writing it, posting it, reaching out to news agencies and people of influence in the community. Even if you can’t make the event, we need people throughout the Greater Boston area raising awareness and encouraging people to sponsor children (at work, school, etc.). All you need is enthusiasm and a willingness to spread the word about ELF.

    • Auction team member

    Our auction helps to raise funds to support the annual Operation ELF event and provide gifts and necessities for any kids and families not covered by sponsorship. You’ll be helping the team with things like asking for donations of items for the auction, cataloging and pricing the items, setting up on the day of the event, and encouraging people to bid.

    • Shopper

    Past volunteers have said this is one of the best jobs! A few days before the Operation ELF event, our shoppers go out and purchase gifts for all the children who have not yet been sponsored (using Operation ELF money!). It’s an amazing experience choosing presents for someone you will never meet, and having fun while doing it!

    • Photographer

    We need photographers to take photos and some video during the ELF event. You don’t need to be a professional, but we do ask that you use a real camera (not a mobile phone).

    To join one of our teams, please fill out the short form click the button below and we’ll be in touch soon!


    Returning volunteers on the ELF Core Team volunteer and leadership opportunities are listed here.

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