Filling a Critical Need

Childhood years are a time of wonder and excitement for most kids. However, for those living in temporary housing or in at-risk situations, their experience may be less than joyous. Operation ELF is dedicated to rekindling the excitement and restoring the joy to the children and teens of our sponsored agencies. With your help, Operation ELF brings back the wonder and joy of the holidays to these kids who would otherwise not receive anything. Our charities attest that these kids’ wishes are not covered elsewhere other than Operation ELF.

Starting as a small group of adults who wanted to do something during the holiday season for children of all denominations living in shelters or temporary housing, Operation ELF has consistently reached out to agencies and shelters that receive no other gift support during the holiday season. Our mission to ignite the spark of compassion in the greater community of generous sponsors now impacts over 1700 children and teens each year.

From our humble beginnings in 2000, we have fulfilled over 30,000 wishes and are proud to say that no wish was ever denied. This is our big WHY!