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How you become an ELF…

  1. Create your ELF profile to access the sponsorship request form.
  2. On the sponsorship form, please choose your preferred dropoff location.
  3. You will be matched with a child’s specific wishes as soon as we receive them from their referring agency.
  4. Clear instructions will be included in your confirmation email and you take it from there!

We thank you for being willing to create holiday magic! You’re on your way to becoming an ELF yourself!

To create your ELF profile, begin by clicking the button below and you will be ready when we open sponsorships for 2022. We are also grateful to accept donations – you can do that here.

Become an ELF

The children we serve are in at-risk situations across Massachusetts and greater New England. We partner with many local referring community agencies that review each child’s situation prior to including them in our program. The gifts you provide are the only gifts this child will receive this holiday season. We typically suggest budgeting $40-$60 for each child sponsored.