FAQ Category: 1. General

6. Can I meet the child I shop for?

Unfortunately, no. We protect the privacy of the children and their families – many of whom are in shelters – by only identifying each child with a code number.  That is why we need to code each gift delivered to our sites!

5. What makes Operation ELF magical?

Sponsorship is the real magical part of ELF. Aspiring elves, like yourself, asking their neighbors, friends, co-workers and families to join them in sponsoring a child’s wish is what really creates a ‘family-like’ community. With so many children’s wishes, a lot of magic is needed. Over time, the mission of Operation ELF has been shared …

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4. How many children do you serve?

In the last 3 years, we have provided gifts to between 1400 and 1700 children each year in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Vermont.  We will serve as many children as we can.