FAQ Category: 2. Shopping

6. What if something comes up and I can’t do it?

Life happens, we know.  Please let us know at Sponsor@operationelf.org as soon as you possibly can, so that we can get another sponsor to shop for your child.  It is important that every child is covered!

5. Should I wrap the gifts?

No wrapping, please.  Our volunteers look at every gift to make sure that it is close enough to match the child’s wishlist.

4. Do you have tips for shopping for more than one child?

Some of our volunteers who have been shopping for many children for decades got together and created a Shopping Tips for Sponsors.  You don’t have to do it this way.  Some of our sponsors team up and shop for 30 or more children.  This is some of their advice.[TBD?]

1. How do I become an ELF Sponsor?

On the sponsorship form, please specify the number of children you wish to sponsor. Select your preferred dropoff location. (see the map)  Some locations have restricted hours or days when they can receive drop off gifts.  Please check the days and times to make sure it will work for you before selecting the dropoff location. …

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