Unmatched Wishes

Agency Code Site Age Gender Wish Favorite Color Shirt Pants Shoes GC Notes
CS-33Framingham, MA: Spellman13GirlGift card*
CS-37Framingham, MA: Spellman18GirlGift card*
DC-048Watertown, MA: Civetti10BoyPlaystation card*
DC-054Watertown, MA: Civetti10BoyRoblox card*
DC-055Watertown, MA: Civetti15GirlGift cardsmallsmallsmall
DC-056Watertown, MA: Civetti14GirlGift Card2xl2xl
DC-057Watertown, MA: Civetti16BoyGift Card2xl2xl
ECS 025Westford, MA: NetScout16BoyGift Card to Target*
ECS 026Westford, MA: NetScout15BoyGift Card to Target*
KC-077Andover, MA: Girrell10BoySlime & science games/kits; hat and gloves18188 men's
KC-080Andover, MA: Girrell4GirlLong sleeve pajama set in 4T; Lego Friends Set 4+; Likes dogsPink/Purple4T/5T4T/5T
KC-082Andover, MA: Girrell3GirlCocomelon, baby shark, clothing44
KC-087Andover, MA: Girrell12Boyairplanes, basket ball, cars, boardgamesn/amens med309.5
KC-097Andover, MA: Girrell11Girlart supplies, lip gloss, hat and glovesPurple/teal10/1210/128
TH 029Framingham, MA: Spellman9BoyGift Card Amazon*