What We Do

Support for Children and Families

Various agencies and sponsoring shelters reach out to us requesting help for the children in their care who have attested that these children, without the support of Operation ELF, would not receive any gifts during the holidays. 

We receive the specific wishes of each child and those wishes are shared to generous sponsors like you, who are willing to bring magic to their holidays. Traditionally, sponsorship ranges between $35 and $50.  

Sponsorship is the real magical part of ELF.  Aspiring elves, like yourself, asking their neighbors, friends, co-workers and families to join them in sponsoring a child’s wish is what really creates a ‘family-like’ community.  With so many children’s wishes, a lot of magic is needed. 

Over time, the mission of Operation ELF has been shared by word of mouth with no actual paid advertising. We are happy that all our volunteers tell everyone about their experience of ELF, and often encourage their friends, families and colleagues to check us out here and on social media.  Please follow and like us, too!

Partnerships with Human Service Agencies

Operation ELF works in conjunction with more than 18 area agencies and shelters that support children who are in at-risk situations. Some of the agencies we support include: The Children’s Services of Roxbury, Jewish Family & Children’s Service, Boston’s Bridges to Excellence, several women’s shelters, Nashua Children’s Home, Justice Resource Institute, International Institute of New England, and The Brattleboro Retreat. All of our partner agencies are unique in that they attest that their children are not covered from other sources.  Agencies and centers that receive donations and gifts from other organizations are not eligible for sponsorship from Operation ELF. 

Our Impact

In the past few years Operation ELF has provided for the holiday wishes of over 1500 children each year, and in over the 21 years of our history we have touched well in excess of 30,000 children and teens in New England.